Help Save First Responders Lives by Obeying Move Over Laws

Move over laws are on the books for the benefit of everyone on the road. They give motorists an incentive to do everything in their power to pull over, stop, or switch lanes to give emergency responders the right of way. The laws are valid in all 50 states and require a motorist to at least slow down to 20 mph. The laws also leave their interpretation open so that motorists can use their best judgment in an emergency situation.

Unfortunately, up to 12 police officers die each year when responding to an emergency. In addition to the death of police officers, it is reported that on average over 200 people lose their lives. Their death occurred while navigating traffic. While these figures are estimates, the death of first responders is only too real, and something that could be avoided if people chose to honor their move over laws. Tow truck drivers are also included on the list of professionals protected by state move over laws.

Help our Zelienople dealership to spread the word to be cautious on the road and to move over and make room for first responders to arrive safely at their destination.

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