Does Cooling Fan Placement Affect Cooling?

Your vehicle's engine is an efficient heat-producer. While many motors run at less than 300-degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature in your cylinders stays much hotter. If these temperatures aren't tamed by your heating system, they can actually melt and seize-up various engine parts.

The cooling system exists to stop this destructive process in its tracks, and your cooling fan is a key player in this system. When your car is running at highway speeds, the airflow produced by this motion is more than enough to take care of cooling needs. When your car sits at rest in traffic jams, the fan kicks in to keep your engine alive.

Where the fan sits in relation to your engine and radiator makes a difference. Fans placed in front of radiators can actually decrease vehicle-motion produced air-flow, while fans placed too far behind radiators are inefficient.

To ensure that your fan is properly placed, it may take a professional's touch and experience. Let our in-house radiator system pros take a look at your fan setup and give your entire system a thorough once-over in the process. Call or visit us at Baierl Ford in Zelienople, PA for a no-obligation consultation.

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