Ford Focus SEL Sedan or Hatchback ?

The Ford Focus SEL is an ideal choice for a single person or small family. It is a useful and flexible vehicle that many buyers use for business purposes. It offers superior handling, appealing style, and excellent fuel economy. Ford offers a Sedan and Hatchback choice, and it is essentially a choice between four doors or five doors.

The Ford Focus SEL has a sedan style design that gives the standard closed trunk behind the rear seats. The Ford SEL Hatchback has an open rear storage area accessed by a lift door. The hatchback, or fifth door, adds an element of easy access and visibility. The impressive performance and fuel economy ratings are the same.

At BAIERL Ford, we think the best solution is to take a test drive and see which style fits your needs and preferences. Either way, the Ford Focus SEL offers Zelienople drivers the best balance of price, economy, and value in its class.

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