What to Look for if You Suspect a Leaky Exhaust

If your vehicle is starting to sound like a truck, you may be having issues with your exhaust system. This is one sign that you may have a leaky exhaust. We at BAIERL Ford offer exhaust system maintenance, repair and replacement. Our staff can go over the options with you.

There are some signs to look for that may indicate you have a leaky exhaust. When the engine is running, you may hear an intermittent popping or hissing sound accompanied by discoloration on the paint near the tailpipe. Vibrations on the steering wheel or gas pedals is another sign. Reduced gas mileage can also be a sign of a leaky exhaust system.

Call us for an appointment or stop in to visit our Zelienople, PA shop if you have issues with your exhaust or are in need of any automotive services. Our technicians are always on hand ready to assist you.

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