The Many Performance Features on the Ford Focus Really Make a Difference

The Ford Focus has been around for a long time. Every model year seems to bring something new for this popular compact car. You will now find that there are seven different trim levels that you can choose from, each one providing some performance features that really accent the Focus in different ways.

There is a titanium trim for the sedan model of the Focus that looks great and comes with a powerful 2.0 Liter I-5 engine. You will get 160 horsepower out of this engine along with 146 lb.-ft of torque. Everyone around you will be impressed by how much power comes out of the car.

You can also opt for the electric version of the Ford Focus. It will get you nearly 100 MPG within the city, while still having an engine that can provide with 184 lb.-ft of torque. Come over to Baierl Ford when you are ready to take this compact car on a test drive.

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