We're right in the thick of winter and to keep your vehicle out on the road. We do that via our service center as we provide maintenance and repair needs for the winter months, and if you're in need come through and see us here at Baierl Ford.

Among the services we offer are things like battery replacements and checks for those cold days so you can ensure your ride is able to start up every time you go out for a drive, and is able to warm you up inside too. That's also why we'll check out the heat systems as well to ensure those work. Plus, we provide a range of tire services including winter tire service near Pittsburgh, along with checking tire pressure. Installing winter tires makes sure you have the right tread and can ride with a bit more confidence in the snow in places like Beaver Falls, Butler, New Castle, and Cranberry Township.

We'll also perform any and all routine repairs too like oil changes, and take a look at vehicle noises and diagnose and fix the issue for you. To get started, contact us or schedule service online and we'd be happy to assist you soon!

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